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thermal ctp plate


The rapid socio-economic development has also made the printing industry in China have achieved unprecedented development in recent years. At the same time, we have seen that the lowering of the investment threshold has caused the competition between printing companies to deteriorate. The printing price has become lower and lower. The cost of various kinds of raw materials has generally risen. It is precisely because of this that the promotion of the revolutionary CTP technology in the printing industry has been at a jerk stage.

We all know that thermal CTP can bring many help and improvement to printing companies compared to traditional platemaking processes. From the process point of view, CTP directly digitally images to the plate, greatly simplifying the traditional plate making process, and has a very significant improvement in the process stability; in terms of efficiency, due to the elimination of a large number of traditional processes, the plate making efficiency has been greatly improved. With the improvement of the quality of the plate and the close cooperation with printing, the application of CTP has also greatly improved the production efficiency of traditional offset printing presses, helping printing companies to liberate the most valuable printing press resources; in terms of quality, Since the entire process of CTP is fully digitally controlled, the quality of platemaking has been greatly improved, and the problem of printing dot enlargement that can not be avoided in traditional printing has been alleviated to a great extent; however, the high cost of thermal CTP application at the later stage has made a lot of costs. The printing company hopes CTP sighs - Can anyone avoid such cost problems with such fierce competition? The timely emergence of purple laser CTP, no doubt to China's printing companies sent the CTP popular spring!

Beijing University Founder United FUJI company, combined with Founder Chang Chinese PDF process in the successful application experience of hundreds of well-known domestic companies, with Fujitsu perfect thermal CTP plate & hardware manufacturing and Founder localized service guarantee, for the domestic printing industry users Outstanding cost-effectiveness - Founder Changyi violet laser CTP solution (FUJI purple laser CTP + Founder flow + color management service), to help local printing companies improve production efficiency, improve print quality, reduce production costs and other aspects Grow up and deal with increasingly fierce market competition.

A perfect purple laser technology

Fujifilm's Luxel V series violet laser CTP uses the most advanced environmental protection photopolymerization violet laser CTP plate material, which fully meets the demanding requirements of high-end commercial printing users in terms of plate material accuracy, print adaptability, output speed, and environmental tolerance. At the same time, the power of the violet laser CTP laser is less than one thousandth of the power of the thermal CTP laser, which can easily save up to millions of CTP post-maintenance costs for printing companies; the patented technology of multi-beam imaging breaks the speed of commercial CTP output. Ultimate; and mature drum technology provides a solid plate quality assurance. It is precisely because of the introduction that Fuji Xerox laser CTP equipment has been available since the advent of the company. In just over three years, the global installed capacity has exceeded more than 2,000 sets, making thermal CTP intimidating and bringing more CTP's popularity to more printing companies. spring breeze.

1) High efficiency

Printing presses are the most expensive property for users. What does it mean if you let the printing press wait? The Fuji Violet CTP adopts Fujifilm's award-winning multi-beam patented imaging technology, which has extremely excellent performance in terms of publishing speed, and can ensure that the printing plate can be put on the machine faster, and the idle time of the printing press is greatly reduced.

At 2400 dpi, the dual-laser Luxel Vx9600 could easily achieve an amazing speed of 40 sheets per second (800×1030 mm) per hour, and it deserved to be the fastest commercial CTP in the world with at least a comparable production capacity. 2-3 thermal CTP devices. The use of the Fuji Violet Laser CTP means that the press will no longer be idle for a long time waiting for the plate.

2) High quality

Fuji has a wealth of experience in drum imaging. All models of the Fuji Violet CTP use the most classic and reliable inner drum structure in the platemaking equipment to ensure superior plate quality.

Luxel Vx9600 standard output accuracy from 1200-3657dpi a total of 8 files available, a variety of output resolution can fully meet the needs of users of different quality printing plate, and can easily achieve more than 300 lines of screen lines, FM network production in This device has also become very simple.

3) Outstanding process stability

Fuji LP-NVA Photopolymerization Violet Laser Plate adopts a patented three-layer coating technology. Its unique development promoting layer can ensure the consumption of the printing plate developer is minimized, and the developer has exceptional tolerance. It can continuously wash 3000m2. Or more than 60 days, so that your CTP platemaking process can maintain long-term stability, and save you a lot of flushing costs - the cost of washing is not yet 30% of the thermal plate.

3) Lowest equipment maintenance and use costs

The 60mW violet laser diode can achieve momentary switching during CTP operation, which means that the laser is only turned on when the plate is exposed. Therefore, the violet laser CTP device does not need to be replaced at all during the 8-10 year equipment life. .

In contrast, the thermal CTP laser power is as high as tens of hundreds of watts, and the laser is normally open when the CTP is turned on. Therefore, thermal CTP users often must replace the laser within 1-2 years to 5 In the case of the annual use period, only one thermal laser is used, and the printing company's expenditure is as high as one million yuan.

4) Inner drum design, better stability

The internal drum technology has fully verified the stability and reliability of its mechanical structure in the production and application practice of the imagesetter for more than ten years. It not only has high quality of plate making and high production speed, but also because the drum and the plate are not moving at the time of plate making, completely avoids the problems such as the card version and flying plate that often appear in the external drum thermal CTP, which greatly reduces the overall maintenance cost of the equipment and the single Taiwan equipment operation risk.

5) Adequate, reliable, multi-channel plate supply

Application FUJI Luxel V series violet laser CTP, commercial users not only can enjoy the photopolymerization violet laser CTP plate printing applicability, development latitude, high printing rate, and can choose the adequate, reliable, multi-channel version Material supply. Fujifilm, AGFA, Mitsubishi, Lastra, and other import media and Fuji Starlight, AGFA, and other joint ventures, and Nanyang Second Adhesive domestic photopolymer violet laser media can be candidates.

FUJI Luxel V series violet laser CTP has triggered a thorough concept change in the commercial CTP field since its inception. Now we can obtain perfect output quality that is fully applicable to commercial printing jobs with lower comprehensive use cost and higher production efficiency. FUJI Luxel V series violet laser CTP includes: open format V-9600&Vx-9600 CTP and four open format V-6&V-6e CTP models.

Second, the most adaptable Chinese PDF digital workflow

The industry-leading Founder Flow PDF digitalization process is a process system independently developed by Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. for the actual production needs of commercial printing, platemaking centers, book printing, packaging and printing, and publishing companies. It integrates the superior technologies that Beijing Dafang is publishing in the printing industry for several decades, uses brand-new open standards, advanced database and Internet technologies, and makes full use of digital resources, which not only helps printers in a fiercely competitive environment to fully solve traditional production. The problem of the process will greatly increase production efficiency, and it will help printing companies further improve prepress production and process management, enhance their core competitiveness, and win more business in the fierce market competition.

The Founder Flow PDF Process System is fully compatible with various prepress formats in the industry, using PDF as the standard file format within the process, and taking the lead in adopting the latest JDF format (Northern Party is a member of the CIP4 organization) as an electronic work ticket throughout the entire process. Transfer job parameters, standardize job processing, pre-flight check, trapping, screen preview, color management, digital proofing, folding, imposition, hanging net, film or CTP plate output, CIP4 ink data, database archive, job tracking , data statistics and other processing.

The Founder ChangYi Violet Laser CTP system works in parallel with the Founder Chang flow workflow. All the work pieces are transformed into page independent and concise PDF files by the normalizer after entering the system, and the processing needs of different jobs are met by different JDFs. Job ticket scheduling completes the corresponding work of preview, layout, layout proofing, color digital proofing, CTP output media, and generates ink control data that conforms to the CIP4 specifications at the same time.

Third, professional and comprehensive CTP process services

Process control is an indispensable part of the CTP system application. The application of the CTP process eliminates the process steps of film exposure, processing, printing, and revision, greatly improving the quality of plate printing and production efficiency. However, in order to comprehensively improve product quality and stabilize the application of CTP technology, it is also necessary to strengthen the control of the entire process flow—color management service is a very effective way.

The color management service in the Founder Changyi violet laser direct plate solution solution mainly solves the problem of re-establishment of the color process that is most difficult for users to solve when applying CTP, and assists the user to establish a digital color process control system in combination with the CTP process to achieve the final digital proofing The result and the actual printing result serve as the standard of implementation. It mainly focuses on the CTP process flow, and optimizes the various process links such as screen color correction, image processing, scanning, color separation, digital proofing, CTP plate making, and printing, and finally data and standardization. The color management service is implemented on-site by the Founder color process experts to help customers improve the quality control of the data separation process, such as color separation, plate making, printing, etc., to ensure the efficient operation of the CTP system. Based on this, the entire printing process flow is established. Quality control and management system.

The most advantageous integrated use cost, accurate imaging quality, unmatched equipment stability, doubled production efficiency, mature and perfect processing technology, long laser lifetime, flexible configuration of violet laser CTP and sufficient, reliable Multi-channel media supply and seamless integration of the Founder Flow Digital Workflow, comprehensive professional and localized color management services that are closest to the Chinese graphic arts digital application environment enable printing companies to produce more efficiently through the Internet. Remote operations connect customers around the world into the digital process, which enables them to provide printing services quickly and reliably. It is easy to handle in an extremely fierce market competition.

Focused on Fuji Xerox CTP, Founder Flow, and color management services, the Founder Changyi direct platemaking solution draws on the best of both worlds. It combines the perfect FEEI hardware manufacturing technology and advanced Founder software with a comprehensive, localized service to help print companies. Grow, achieve business success!

The Founder Chang Violet Laser CTP System takes you into the new realm of direct plate making!

Source: Fang Zheng

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